Healthy People, Healthy Communities, Healthy World

        Stepping Up to the Complexities of         21st Century Change

Health, equity and environmental sustainability are interconnected challenges facing governments and citizens in every corner of the world. Locally and globally, our capacity to address these challenges depends on our capacity to generate healthy change in people and in communities, as well as in the environment we all share.

At West Coast Integral Initiatives,
  • our purpose is to support healthy change in people, organizations and communities.
  • our approach draws on the comprehensive yet highly practical framework that is inspiring leaders, policy makers and practitioners the world over - the Integral model. 
In addition to a practical menu of professional services and learning events, West Coast Integral Initiatives highlights three unique initiatives to generate healthy change and to meet the challenges ahead:
  • Integral Health Promotion
  • Communities that Can! 
  • Integral Coaching Initiatives

Integral Health Promotion

Health promotion and education is at a turning point as policy-makers, practitioners, and engaged citizens alike step up to address the interconnected challenges of health, equity and environmental sustainability. Increasingly, we recognize the need for an integrative thinking and practice approach to foster comprehensive and coherent action in each of these complex areas.

Integral Health Promotion is an innovative yet practical response to emerging goals and priorities in the field of health promotion and education, while paying attention to the multiple and interconnected factors that influence healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy environment.

Tam Lundy says: "We move closer to the goal of healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy world when we pay as much attention to generating health as we do to preventing disease. To meet the challenges ahead, we need a salutogenic orientation, a focus on generating or enhancing higher levels of health - in people, place, and planet." Integral Health Promotion is a practical step in that direction, enhancing our capacity to respond positively and proactively to our most pressing problems and our most promising potentials. 

Communities that Can!

Communities that Can! is a practical response to many of the challenges of 21st century change-making. Putting the purpose and principles of Integral Health Promotion into on-the-ground action, Communities that Can! addresses the growing need for integrative strategies that can address three interconnected challenges: health, equity and environmental sustainability

Communities that Can! is an invitation to play an active role in shaping health seeking, change-embracing, citizen-engaging and response-able communities. It begins with four essential questions of interest to change-makers everywhere:

    1.  What generates health, and how do we get more of it?

    2.  How can we foster healthy change?

    3.  How can we maximize our resources for health, and for healthy change, by leveraging the contributions of community members?

    4.  How do we increase individual and community capacity for response-ability as well as resilience?

With a comprehensive action framework and capacity building approach, Communities that Can! supports change-makers - professionals, policy makers, multisectoral leaders and engaged citizens - working to foster health, well-being and healthy development in people, in communities, and in the environment we all share. At its heart, it's about changing the ways we make change.

To learn more about the Communities that Can! approach, you can view a visual introduction at You'll also find a comprehensive assortment of learning resources and take-aways.

Integral Coaching Initiatives: Catalyzing Healthy Change  

Change-makers increasingly recognize that our own development is an important part of the change equation. We understand that Gandhi's advice to "be the change you want to see in the world" applies as much to our own inner development as our actions in the world. It's not just what we do. It's also how we be. And what we're becoming.

So, to change the world, we also change ourselves. As practitioners and policy makers, we put ourselves - and our own development - at the center of the change equation. And with skilful coaching, the change efforts of individuals and teams are given a helping hand. 

* West Coast Integral Initiatives is a consulting and training initiative specializing in the practical application of the Integral Approach in diverse organizations, sectors and community settings. At West Coast Integral Initiatives, our work is modeled on the groundbreaking thinking and practice paradigm advanced by Ken Wilber and other integral pioneers. In Wilber's words, integral means "comprehensive, inclusive, balanced ... not leaving anything out."